Collocation skills

There are 6 common face shapes

1.Round shape

Features: Full cheeks, broad forehead, and round chin.

Suitable sunglasses: all angular shapes, square frames. Be sure to avoid round sunglasses.

2.Square shape

Features: The contour of the lower jaw is obvious, the forehead is wide, and the chin is square.

Suitable sunglasses: round or oval frames. Be sure to avoid square sunglasses.


Features: big face and forehead, high cheekbones, wide chin.

Suitable sunglasses: ellipse, large curve, wide rounded frame. Rectangular sunglasses will make your face become one big and two rectangles, so you need to avoid them.


Features: Narrow forehead and pointed chin.

Suitable sunglasses: cat-eye shape, elongated shape, oval shape, half-rim frame. Avoid square sunglasses.

5.Heart shape

Features: wide forehead, wide cheekbones, pointed chin.

Suitable Sunglasses: Long, narrow, frameless, or large bottom edge sunglasses. Although toad glasses are very popular, they are really not suitable for you.

6.Oval shape

Features: The oval-shaped face that is envied and hated by people, with well-proportioned proportions and soft facial lines.

Suitable sunglasses: The perfect face shape makes all shapes of sunglasses fit on the face, but you still need to pay attention when choosing, do not choose too large or too small, long and narrow frames.

Everyone’s face shape has its own flavor, and different face shapes have different combinations, but more importantly, you have to be confident.